Testimonials from People I've Worked With

"Working with Annie over the past several years has been the biggest asset to my therapeutic journey. She naturally creates and holds a healing environment that is safe, nurturing, and explorative. With her guidance I have been able to somatically, intuitively, and intellectually explore and continually heal both my inner self and my outer environment. Annie always has and continues to make me feel heard, genuinely understood, and has guided me towards accessing and acknowledging my inner strength. Words can only begin to touch the gratitude that I have for her and our therapeutic relationship. The gift that Annie has is truly her life work, and it clearly shows up in every moment that I have been fortunate enough to spend with her." -K.R. 30 year old female client

"Annie is masterful at bringing awareness to what's happening in the present moment in the service of helping clients break out of habitual patterns. Whether working individually or with couples, Annie's warmth and kindness help foster gentle awareness of how on'e thought, feelings, and behaviors impact themselves, their relationships, and the world they live in. The opportunity to work with Annie is always a gift." -Zachary M Kruger, MA Contemplative Psychotherapist, Boulder, CO.

"I would highly recommend anyone to Annie who wants to be seen for who they are, challenged to grow, and fully supported along the way. Annie is one of the most whole hearted and skilled practitioners I've had the pleasure of working with. Her commitment to personal and professional growth makes working with her dynamic and deeply satisfying." -Sylvie Lam

"I trust Annie implicitly...add to that, her vast ability to hold the complexity of the human spirit is powerful"

"Annie's sharp mind lends to her deep wisdom of psychology and human transformation. Her soft heart and compassion allow that change to come through in those she works with"

"Annie's presence is calm and grounding" 

--Hakomi Students

"I've worked with Annie Vail both personally and professionally for over a decade and have found her approach to be a breath of fresh air in the helping field of psychotherapy, personal growth, spiritual awakening, and self-discovery. She brings warmth, grace, and a professional authenticity into her care for other people, and clearly embodies the "work" of one who has found genuine celebration of life through her own adversities. I have been deeply impacted by her ability to speak with clarity, from both real-life and educational experience and to be embraced by such a giant, kind and compassionate heart." -Carrie Renee Koester, LMT, LPC Intern, Lead Facilitator of Solsara