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Individual Therapy

Why Therapy?


Living in this precious human form is not easy. Life can get overwhelming, whether it be navigating relationship challenges, juggling the demands of work and family, health issues impacting your body, or struggling with loss or change. Perhaps some days you can barely take care of the basics? Life circumstances and our reaction to them can cause significant stress and compromise your relationship to yourself. Yet a healthy relationship with yourself is the most important relationship of all. It is also the greatest gift you can give yourself and the people in your life. I would like to say to you: "You do not need to navigate this alone." Developing a healthier relationship to yourself and living your best life, is not a solo journey.

Working my clients, I will support you in learning how to connect with your own innate wisdom, identify your underlying feelings and needs, and help to see and shift unconscious or unhealthy behaviors that are impacting your current life circumstances. You will cultivate your empowerment and independence in balance with deepening connections, find the expressions of your inherent creativity, and become the most authentic, thriving version of yourself.

 Some of the Reasons That May Bring You to Therapy

  • You are hopeful that you will gain some control over the stress, anxiety, or depression you experience

  • The same stuck patterns are impacting your life. You have tried self-help books, advice, diet and exercise, and more, but it does not seem to shift

  • You have been deeply impacted by grieving the death of a loved one. This is compromising your basic functioning in life and has left you unsure if you will ever get back to the ‘you’ that existed before their passing

  • You are feeling shattered from a breakup or divorce, unsure of how to cope or remain optimistic for partnership again

  • Perhaps you are dating or seeking an intimate partner or relationship and feel discouraged that it is not yet here

  • You would like better communication skills in your relationships

  • Complex family dynamics are getting the best of you

  • Trauma from your past is unresolved or impacting your present experiences

  • You struggle with a sense of belonging

  • You are overwhelmed by a transition

  • Deep down, you have a strong inner critic and are starting to see its connection to your pain and feeling stuck.

  • You are managing the challenges of life in ways that seem unhealthy, using TV, social media, alcohol, food, etc. to cope or relieve tension. 

  • Perhaps you want to deepen your own self-growth or connection to spirituality. You are searching for meaning and purpose.

Who I Work With

I work with adults of any race, background, gender, expression of sexuality, nationality, or religion. 

Among the Areas I Offer Support

  • Anxiety/Worry/Stress

  • Grief and loss

  • Relationship and communication challenges

  • Complex family dynamics or conflict

  • Divorce and break-ups

  • Self acceptance and worth

  • Body Image

  • Loneliness and belonging

  • Trauma

  • Childhood abuse and neglect

  • Cross-cultural challenges, including interracial relationships

  • Non-traditional families, including LGBTQ+ families

  • Women's issues

  • Depression

  • Sexuality

  • Health issues

  • Problems with motivation

  • Developing your life purpose, path & career

  • Spiritual exploration

Working with Annie

I believe that beyond the struggle and pain of life is an innate wisdom that guides each person to their wholeness. As my client, I will see you in this wholeness, not your wounding. Your unique strengths and resources become allies in the transformation process.

My passion and gift is helping my clients heal, grow, and evolve into the best version of themselves. Who I am as a counselor, as well as in the world and in relationships, is largely a result of my own journey. My therapeutic style can be described as present, compassionate, and relational. I create a balance between empathy, safety, and connection, alongside the capacity and willingness to be with my clients in the more challenging content of their lives. Using a variety of mindfulness, somatic, attachment-based, therapeutic modalities, I bring a depth of insight into each client's life and circumstance, to help bring awareness to underlying patterns, free up blocks, and heal from the past. My priority is to provide attuned support and guidance to you, so that your inner wisdom and wholeness lead you to living from your Organic Self. 

I will support you in: 

  • Learning how to connect with your own innate wisdom

  • Identifying underlying feelings and needs 

  • Seeing and shifting unconscious or unhealthy behaviors that are impacting your current life circumstances. 

  • Cultivating empowerment and independence in balance with deepening your connections

  • Finding the expressions of your inherent creativity

  • Developing tools and behaviors to gain greater joy, connection, empowerment, ease, and health

  • Becoming the most authentic, thriving version of yourself

Rates for Individual Therapy

My Rates are $175 for a 55 minute individual session. I have a limited number of sliding scale rates, based on      income, ability to pay, and my availability. However, these spots are currently full. The two insurance plans I accept is OHP Health Share via a single-use agreement. I am out of network for all other insurance, but I can provide a "super bill" to submit to your insurance for potential reimbursement.

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