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Mindful and Somatic Approaches to Change


Individual Therapy

Perhaps you are dealing with anxiety or depression, grieving the death of a loved one or a painful breakup, struggle with belonging, overwhelmed by a transition, or just feel stuck and know that you are ready to do something about it. I believe in your capacity to find the healing you seek and create the life you envision.  Let me help you uncover unconscious patterns and beliefs that may be keeping you from living from your best self. Together we will develop personal tools and embodiment practices that will support you in creating real and lasting change. 

Couples Therapy

Do you want more intimacy, connection, and joy in your relationships? Do you want to learn how to resolve conflict with more skill and ease? Do you find yourself in patterns that are unhealthy to the relationship? Relationships are the one thing that most of us deeply want, yet we are rarely taught how to create healthy connections with an intimate partner.  Let me help you bring more love, capacity, and presence into your connection, whether you are working through challenges or simply want to hone your relationship skills. 

My Approach

Are you looking for more than traditional talk therapy? I am a certified Hakomi Therapist, a counseling modality that uses mindfulness and the wisdom of the body to go beyond traditional talk therapy. I am also trained in multiple attachment-based modalities, attending to trauma activation, all the while holding a social justice lens. Authentic relating practices and compassionate communication are additionally core to my work as a therapist. Different approaches are called for in different moments. I will attune to what may be most helpful for you in any given session.

Working with Annie

Welcome, I’m so glad you are here. My name is Annie Vail. I am a holistic, body/mind psychotherapist. Taking the step to pursue counseling is a meaningful decision. In doing so, you are already seeking to reclaim the life you want to live. Therapy offers the potential to live your most empowered, joyful, connected, healthy, and authentic life. 


I believe that beyond the struggle and pain of life is an innate wisdom that guides each person to their wholeness. As my client, I will see you in this wholeness, not your wounding. Your unique strengths and resources become allies in the transformation process.

My passion and gift is helping my clients heal, grow, and evolve into the best version of themselves. Who I am as a counselor, as well as in the world and in relationships, is largely a result of my own journey. My therapeutic style can be described as present, compassionate, and relational. I create a balance between empathy, safety, and connection, alongside the capacity and willingness to be with my clients in the more challenging content of their lives. Using a variety of mindfulness, somatic and attachment-based therapeutic

modalities, I bring a depth of insight into each client's life and circumstance, helping to bring awareness to underlying patterns, free up blocks, and heal from the past. My priority is to provide attuned support and guidance, so that your inner wisdom and wholeness lead the way in you living from your Organic Self. 

You can read more about me, my education and my training here. Choosing the right therapist is important and can take time. I'd love to support you in that process by offering a free 30 minute consultation. This is a great opportunity to learn more about the way I work, to get to know each other a bit, and to see if I am the right fit for you. ​

For any further questions or to book a free consultation contact me here.


Contact Information

Annie Vail, MA, LPC, CHT

I am licensed in both Oregon and Colorado. With Oregon clients, I work in person at my NE Portland Office. With Colorado clients, I offer online sessions via Telehealth.


Please call or email to arrange a free 30 minute consultation or request more information. The free consultation allows you to ask questions about me, my methods, fees or any thing else that may help you to decide if we are a good fit. It is also an opportunity for me to get to know a bit more about you and your needs.

Tel: 970-846-9090

My Rates are $175 for a 55 minute individual session; $175 per 55 min for a couples session, which are usually 85 min or 110 min in length.

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